Advanced Courses

Advanced Driving Lessons and Courses

At Focus 2 Drive we like to offer the chance and help for drivers to build and improve their current driving standards with our advanced driving lessons and advanced driving courses, Helping drivers stay safer on the roads.

There are many more benefits to to this positive learning experience, other than keeping safe. Your driving enjoyment will be enhanced as your confidence grows and you become a better driver. Research has been done and highlighted issues that here at Focus 2 Train we like to address, for instance a high percentage of drivers do not use their eyes properly when driving. A few examples of this can be distraction, tiredness or boredom.

We aim to tackle these issues by providing a first class Advance Driver Training Course, which used unique techniques involving commentaries in real life situations, thinking and planning. By using techniques you will learn in our advanced driving lessons we equip you with the skills you need to assess hazards.

Some other highlighted points are that by using your eyes on main beam rather than dipped gives you a high visual horizon, or, lateral vision and the mirror and you have the 360°awareness that allows you to predict what’s likely to happen next.

This is called visual scanning and it does not happen naturally for most of us. We tend not to prepare for events and instead only react when an event happens suddenly. We can help you to pass an I.A.M. Institute of Advance Motoring Driving Test by carrying out a course on a weekly basis.

Our advanced driving courses have fantastic customer testimonials that we are very proud of. All say that they have enjoyed the course, and would recommend to any one to undertake the lessons. Another benefit to the advanced driving course is that it could substantially reduce your motor insurance premiums.

So, let us help improve your technique, increase your ability and confidence, and ultimately get the most out of your driving experience. It will also help improve your safety on the road.

Let Focus 2 Drive help you with improving your skills and techniques. We can increase your confidence and abilities. Gain the most out of your driving experience. And ultimately improving your road safety.

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Advance Test Preparation

Focus 2 Drive provide all the Training books and DVD’s that you are going to need, and can also book your Advance Driving Test for you when we feel you are ready.

We will conduct a Mock test with one of our local examiners so don’t worry about your test as we will make sure that you will be confident and ready on the day of your test.

A good idea that a lot of our customers choose is to do the course along with a friend, this can help reduce the cost and also give motivation.

If you would like further information to becoming a more safer and confident driver for life then contact us today!

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