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Intensive Driving Lesson & Courses

There are many reasons why you would chose to have intensive driving lessons, it could be that you do not have much time, or maybe because study commitments or work times and shift patterns. Perhaps you need a Driving License fast to start a new job, or just simply you don’t want to spend months learning to drive. All of these reasons are valid in making your decision to learn to drive quickly and take an intensive driving course.

This method of learning to drive is becoming very popular because it can be cost effective and many other advantages.

Focus 2 Drive instructors are fully qualified and are driving standards agency approved, they all have a wealth of experience and each carry out individual National Driver Alertness Scheme for the North Yorkshire Police on a weekly basis.

The instructor will be monitoring your ability to drive constantly and progress will be discussed daily, even hourly if need be basis.

Each are trained specially to make sure you know the local area where your test will be conducted, and also regular mock tests will be carried out to help you prepare.

Focus 2 Drive can design a suitable Driving Course to fit in to your busy schedule.

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