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Focus 2 Drive Motorway Training

Motorway Driving Lessons are a popular addition to new drivers to help gain confidence and understanding of motorway driving.

To new drivers the thought of going up that slip road for the first time is pretty daunting. Everything is faster and motorway drivers just seem to drive ‘differently’. We’ll help you get to grips with motorways pretty quickly, from the legal conventions to general motorway etiquette.

The benefits of having motorway driving lessons will make you a safer driver on the UK’s motorway network.

It is true that motorways are statistically the safest category of road in the UK. However, whilst road collisions are fewer in number, compared to non–motorway roads, they usually involve larger numbers of vehicles.

It is often the diversity of the different vehicle types encountered on motorways that unprepared drivers find hard to cope with, as well as a different style of driving being required. Add this to poor weather conditions and the risk of incident becomes much greater.

Another factor is the speed of the vehicles on a motorway is usually higher and therefore the effect upon those involved often tends to be substantial.

However, with greater understanding of the motorway environment, and with targeted training, the risks can be substantially reduced.

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About the Motorway Driving Course

At Focus 2 Drive we offer an intensive 3-4 hour programme that is specifically targeted at motorway driving and driver safety, and not just for young drivers. In fact, any age group or level of driving experience is welcome on board, as very few drivers have complete knowledge about motorway driving.

Topics covered will include:

  • Planning Journeys in advance
  • Joining and leaving motorways
  • Safe speeds in different circumstances
  • Effective observations (use of all mirrors, blind spots, scanning the near, middle and far distance)
  • Signs, signals and road markings
  • Overtaking and lane discipline
  • Courtesy to other road uses
  • Motorway fatigue
  • Vehicle breakdown procedures
  • Use of lights including hazard warning lights
  • Debris on the carriageway
  • Cross Winds
  • Variable speed limits
  • Overtaking
  • Effective lane changing and lane discipline procedures
  • Dealing safely with road works
  • Entering and leaving service stations

You’ll be surprised how many people take motorway lessons; from new drivers to experienced drivers we can really help make the difference between a stressful and an easy journey.

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